CW Servicing & Tyres – Air Conditioning

If your car is hot & sticky during the summer months & is misted during the winter time, this is a sure sign that you need to come in for a car air conditioning service at Chelmsley Wood Service Centre. This is typically recommended by most vehicle manufacturers every two or three years.

A fully recharged air con system will actually end up significantly reducing your fuel consumption by not putting so much strain on the vehicle’s engine.

A typical car air con system loses roughly 10-15% of its refrigerant every single year according to studies. Having the air con recharged is typically known as “regas”.

Our excellent service includes a refrigerant recharge & replacement of lubricating oil, plus a full components check of the system.

Car Air Conditioning Repair

At Chelmsley Wood Service Centre we also offer repair services along with our general service of the air conditioning system. If there are any signs of leaks/smells or any problems with your air con service, please bring your vehicle into our expert team of mechanics to check things over for you. If these warning signs with the air conditioning system are left, they can become much bigger problems for your vehicle and be very costly.

Simply enter your vehicle registration to get an instant price and book your car in now. You don’t pay until the work is done.