Ask us about our Video Authorization Service!

Ask us about our Video Authorization Service!

CW Servicing & Tyres – Coolant Change

A coolant flush & fill is basically maintenance for your vehicle’s cooling system & helps to maintain maximum performance from your vehicles heating & cooling system.

We can do this for you at CW Vehicle Service, flushing out the system & having the coolant mixture replaced with fresh coolant & water.

Book a coolant change service with us at CW Vehicle Service today & the job can be all arranged for you online from the comfort of your own home.

The actual Coolant change process is actually quite straightforward but it is vitally important to get it done as & when needed.

If your vehicle is without a cooling system, then the vehicle will overheat, this causes very serious damage to the vehicle.

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How Does A Coolant Change Work?

Basically, how a coolant change works is we drain the coolant fluid, clean the entire system thoroughly with our coolant cleaner, using water to remove any lingering coolant.

This is the best cooling system flush service available and we charge a competitive price for the service.

We have an expert team of mechanics here who carry out the work so Book your work with us today & speak to our friendly customer service team for advice.

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